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Water Loss

Burst of Water !

Residential home shown above had a toilet supply line burst upstairs causing water to stream down into garage damaging drywall, ceiling, and insulation. 

Containment Barrier

Residential Containment Barrier

Containment Barriers are set up to stop any dust, debris or micro organisms from escaping into other parts of the home. The AFD filtrates the air and pushes it out while the new clean air comes in through the filter on the plastic causing air exchange.

You Can Count on Us!

After a water loss occurs you can count on the highly trained professionals of SERVPRO to take on the task of remediation. 

A leak on an exterior wall affected the interior of the home. The standing water was extracted, a little demolition was done to remove any unsalvageable materials like sheet rock and warped wood flooring; then the drying equipment was put in place. 

Daily Departure

After water remediation and a bit of demolition, our crew set out the proper equipment and bid adieu for the evening. We will return in the morning to monitor the site and gather new readings. 


When carpeting is affected by water it becomes very heavy, even after extracting the majority of the water. Here Mari and Raul join forces to remove the affected carpet and padding. Working together in this type of situation is important for the safety of our crew members as well as keeping the remediation running smoothly and on time.  

Pressure washing

Industrial Pressure Washing

When asked to clean the concrete floor of this machine shop, we jumped on the opportunity. We first pretreated the floor by applying our SERVPRO degreaser.

Shown next is Raul, using an industrial steam pressure washer to remove over 50 years of grease and grime packed onto the concrete floor. The visible before and after is just incredible! 

Crew Chief filling bottles

Preparation is Key!

Here our Crew Chief is gathering and explaining what products will be needed to clean an area rug that has been in a high traffic area. Mari is assisting and taking notes, learning the ideal SERVPRO way!  

Dirt and Mud on an area rug

Kids, pets and rainy days bring in dirt, mud and dirty water. This area rug was cleaned and looked like new in just an hour with the help of SERVPRO! 

Graffiti Remover

Mario is ready to tackle graffiti! 

Damaged furniture

SERVPRO of Bear Creek is ready to respond to any disaster and we have the necessary equipment ready to clean even the heaviest damages be it soot or water damage. Call us at (281) 463-9800

Damaged utensils

These silverware utensils were affected by a fire and were damaged from the soot. Once we cleaned the house of the soot we were able to clean the items as well and the customer was left happy "Like it never even happened."

Scaffolding construction

This room had been under construction and became saturated from a recent storm. To prevent any mold growth, we both brought in drying equipment to dry the environment and covered the affected area with an anti mold growth to further ensure the safety of the area.

Mold prevention

This home was affected by a water leak that spread over the ceiling as seen in the picture. And as you can see in the picture, if left unchecked for forty eight this leak can turn into a nasty mold problem.

Water under wood floor

When water travels under wood flooring, usually this is the out-come. When water gets under wood flooring it causes the floor to rise. Call SERVPRO of Bear Creek to make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm water ceiling damage

With storm season coming soon, having a company who responds twenty four seven is very important. That is why SERVPRO of Bear Creek has technicians ready at all times to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Sewage / Cat 3 / Biohazard Cleanup

As seen in the picture, the area affected has sustained a heavy amount of sewage backup. Once we arrived on site we cleaned and sanitized all areas.  Mess cleaned - Return to a healthy and sanitary state.  Thank you SERVPRO!

Ceiling damaged dry wall

This ceiling had been damaged by heavy rain and eventually led to it collapsing in on itself. We were on the site within hours and were able to completely dry the area and restore it to a rebuilding state.

Storm water carpet damage

This home was the result of a natural disaster that carried into the inside of a home. The owners called SERVPRO of Bear Creek and we were able to remediate the damage.

Water loss

What can start from a small crack in a drywall, can lead to the growth of mold and more water damage spreading through the house. If you have water damage in your home, the specialists at SERVPRO of Bear Creek are ready to answer the call! (281) 463-9800

Carpet cleaning

This home in the Houston area had numerous stains in the home, this only being one. If there are stain anywhere in your home you would like us to clean and remove, call us at (281) 463-9800

Sewage backup in commercial building

The picture shown in here was a result from a backup in the sewage line that caused the entire space to be covered in sewage that left an pungent odor through the building. We arrived on site and were able to clean the entire building to make it "like it never even happened".

Fire damage to home

This was an aftermath of a home in the Houston area that was affected by an extreme fire. As you can see from the picture, most of the area is covered in charred burn marks or soot made from the fire. We arrived at the house and within a small few days, we were able to remove the damaged items and clean the house to a restorable condition "Like it never even happened".

Small line leads to big problem

As a homeowner, the safety of your home is extremely important. The saying appearances can be deceiving stands true here. This small water line was enough to cause an entire house to have standing water as well as damage the wood flooring it was on and the drywall it touched. But with our SERVPRO equipment and expertise we can clean it up "Like it never even happened".

Mold growth

This home in the Houston area was affected by an unknown water leak from behind the refrigerator. Not only was the wall behind the refrigerator affected but the room behind the wall as well. As you can see from the picture, the entirety of the drywall is covered in mold. What we did was isolate the mold so it could not spread and grow anywhere else in the house. Next we removed any drywall that had mold or mildew on it and disposed of it properly. And once we had finished all of those steps we coated the affected area with an anti microbial to prevent any future growth and upon finishing the homeowner was elated of our work.

House affected by broken toilet supply line

This house was affected by a broken supply line from a toilet that had ran for a number of hours. We removed the damaged flooring and baseboards to prevent the growth of mold and placed the proper drying equipment for a quick and efficient drying process. 

Post flood cleanup

This living area was affected by storm water and in result, needed not only the flooring to be removed but have a three foot flood cut around the affected area

Cleaning up flood damage? No problem for us!

High Rise Condo Fire/Water loss in Houston

SERVPRO of Bear Creek was one of many SERVPRO crews responding in minutes to a high-rise fire/water loss. Property managers impressed with swift and heavy response. We can make it "Like it never even happened"(R)

Unexpected water loss. Who do you call?

Not the kind of mess anyone wants to come home to. Thankfully, SERVPRO was here that evening stabilizing the moisture level and getting out the damaged materials. House was dry and ready for rebuild in 4 days.

Flooded living room

Damaged floating wood flooring with vapor barrier underlay.

Tenting to focus dry carpet

A store in Memorial City that needed rapid and complete carpet drying. Tenting to focus dry air directly to the carpet was the answer. SERVPRO of Bear Creek makes it "like it never even happened"(R)

Leading water loss culprit

Water damage is fast and furious when these lines break.

Sewage and Mold

When a loss like this occurs, it is very important that you as a homeowner stays safe because losses such as these can be very dangerous to you if the mold and sewage is irritated.

*See our blog on "24 Hour Mold restoration service" for more information on mold.

Lifted, Cleaned and Remediated

Like it never even happened.

Saving Hardwood Floors

These beautiful hardwoods were saved due to SERVPRO fast action and right equipment.

Post Construction Clean

When the construction crews have left and you need the place REALLY cleaned and cleared of dust, call SERVPRO. Check out the Before/After page to see how this kitchen looked after we left.

Graffiti - No Problem.

This graffiti on a warehouse door was located in the Houston area and was removed using SERVPRO's Graffiti Removal Product. Check out the "Before/After" section to see the results. "Like it never even happened".

Disinfecting the HVAC coil

Throughout your ventilation systems, moisture and debris can build up causing mold and fungus to grow. The experts at SERVPRO of Bear Creek have the know how and the equipment to both stop the growth of mold and prevent it from growing in the future. 

Drying mats and tenting

An excellent drying combination - warm, dry air and a vacuum system. If you have any damage from a storm, SERVPRO of Bear Creek has the equipment necessary to respond to any disaster

SERVPRO National Convention

The right vehicle for the right job.

Thad & Dubelsa

Owners mingling with the crews!

High Rise Condo Fire in Houston

This was the source of a fire in high-rise condo in Houston that set off sprinkler systems and flooded four floors. SERVPRO responded quickly, mitigated damages and halted any odors from creating.

Soot damage

If you have fire damage in your home, the professionals at SERVPRO of Bear Creek have both the knowledge and the resources to help restore your home to a living condition.

SERVPRO cleaning crews removing soot from smoke damaged home.

Trauma cleanup

SERVPRO does trauma cleanup.

Don't ignore this . . . Call SERVPRO!

Having mold in your home is a dangerous entity. If not contained and stopped, can cause tremendous damage to your home. If you see this in your home, don't ignore it. Call SERVPRO!

Water damage in Houston

This water damage occurred from a storm that made the ceiling collapse from the amount of water that was in the dry-wall. SERVPRO of Bear Creek has technicians on hand twenty four seven ready to respond to any size disaster.

Buckling wood floors

Wood floors almost always look amazing in your home, except when water enters and damages them. That is why here at SERVPRO of Bear Creek, we understand how important it is to have a fast response team out to save your wooden floors.

Wood floors cupping after a water damage

Within forty eight hours of water damage the likely hood of mold growing increases exponentially. If your wooden floors have water damage, call SERVPRO of Bear Creek to have them removed and cleaned before any mold grows.

Tile floors after SERVPRO was done with them

Tile floors after SERVPRO was done with them

Upholstery cleaning after a fire damage

This chair was part of a major fire in a home in the Houston area. After being deodorized, the chair was cleaned of any soot and damage that may have been on it. 

Commercial Water Loss

Commercial water loss at 6pm. SERVPRO onsite in 30 minutes. Customer resumed business next day.

Have water damage in your commercial building? Give us a call, we are open twenty four seven

Newest fleet addition

Newest fleet addition

Specialized Wall Drying System

For those exceptionally long walls that need to be dried fully

Heavy Contents? No Problem.

Heavy Contents? No Problem. SERVPRO has technicians ready 24/7 to respond to any situation. If contents such as this accumulate moisture, the chances of mold growing increases significantly. Give us a call at 281 463 9800

Give us your dirtiest carpets to clean

Can we make these look like new? Yes we can! Check out the before/after pictures to see how these turned out.

Commercial Water Emergency Services

When water overflows a business, it is imperative to clean the disaster as quickly as possible to keep the business running. SERVPRO of Bear Creek was able to get the customer open for business the next day.

Specialty Equipment

Recent roof leak leave behind a wet wall? SERVPRO can check for moisture and dry it out at a fraction of the cost to tear out & rebuild. Call us for more information at 281-463-9800.

The wall we can dry fast

Effective mitigation is much less expensive than restoration. That is why the professionals at SERVPRO of Bear Creek are always on call twenty four seven  to respond to any emergency. 

Mold Removal

This was the aftermath of a water loss in a home and the contents were not completely and correctly dried, there-fore a result of mold growth. 

Got mold growth on your vintage records? Call SERVPRO!

Upholstery Cleaning

Need some upholstery cleaning done? SERVPRO makes it "Like it never even happened."

Mold Protection Applications

Commercial mold protection applications. An excellent treatment to avoid mold problems in the future.

Rugs Cleaned and Dried Offsite

These rugs were taken back to the shop for a nice cleaning and deodorization. They were dried and ready for the customer the very next day "Like it never even happened."